Best of the Web – Week 2

The internet is full of blogs with great posts and pictures by talented individuals, which everyone should take the time to find. Otherwise we may as well give up and stick to reading articles called ‘10 things you didn’t know about Renee Zellweger’s Face,’ or whatever other crap is on Buzzfeed at the moment.

We know it can be hard to find these posts, as Google often isn’t their friend and you may miss their tweets and updates, so here are three cool websites we have found that you might have otherwise missed. If you like what you read here don’t forget to follow the creative people behind the sites.

Little Plastic Castle

This is one of the best looking websites/blogs I’ve come across, which makes sense as the creator is both a writer and an artist. A procrastinator like me has a love hate relationship with sites like these. On the one hand there’s lots of quality posts and pictures, but on the other you can easily lose hours just clicking around the website.

This website covers a lot of different areas so I’ve gone for a selection of posts for you to enjoy.

A review of Odd Thomas, a film I was going to review but don’t see the point now I’ve read this one.

A post on the nature of horror (inspired by a Stephen King quote)

And a freaky short story called Fish Soup, which is good for a Halloween read.

My Geek Heart

Unapologetically nerdy, My Geek Heart is full of fun articles bursting with joy and knowledge. The site mixes news  with more general blog posts, all of which are written with humour by someone who really knows their stuff. As you are on Stranger Views there is a very good chance that you’d like My Geek Heart, so I implore you to go over to the site and check it out.

Two particular articles you should read are: Ticket for one  and From Farm Boy to Jedi, which celebrates Mark Hamill’s performance in the original Star Wars trilogy.

My only gripe is that the main contributor should write more about Doctor Who, but then I say that about Noam Chomsky.

The coolest Firefly art you will ever see

The featured picture at the top of the page is one of a collection by Lance MacCarty. These are all taken from the TV series Firefly and from the film Serenity. If you have never seen either of these go and watch them. Now!

Everyone seen Firely now? Good, well here’s another picture:


Now visit the artist’s website and see the full collection. There are also some process shots on the website, which give a glimpse into how this artwork was made.

We hope you enjoyed these suggestions and if you have any of your own feel free to share!

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