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Film Famine is a new website devoted bringing you movie related articles and reviews.

This is a website for film fans who need more than the more generic offerings of bigger more established sites. I’ll put a few links and descriptions of some of my favourite articles on the Film Famine below. I hope you take the time to check them out and that you become as big a fan of the site as me.

5 Phobia-inducing Movies of my Childhood

This is the sort of article I love. It’s completely bizarre and at the same time really spot on. For me, only one of these films really scared me as a kid. It was of course: IT.

Image result for IT film

ARRIVAL REVIEW: The Language of Understanding

This is a really in depth and thought provoking review of the recent hit science fiction film Arrival. I like this review as it explores some issues that I had with the film in detail. If you’re in a rush, you should probably just check out their very concise mean review of the same film.

If These 5 Films Were Made by Cult Directors

Another article that I’m really glad that someone has written. It covers five well-known films and suggests what they would have been like had famous cult directors been at the helm. Highlights include a philosophical take on Big by Spike Jones and Lars Von Trier’s version of the Notebook

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