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  • Redshirts By John Scalzi

    Have you ever wondered how rubbish it would be a redshirt on the USS Enterprise? Your friends keep dying in bizarre circumstances, often while on away missions they should never have been on. Everything seems to revolve around a small number of officers and and the basic laws of science appear to take a break […]

  • What We Can Learn From American Gods Season 2 Trailer

    Last week Starz released their second trailer for the second series of American Gods. Giving us more information than the previous trailer and the 3 minute clip they released earlier this year. The trailer looks as epic as you’d hope, but it also raises a lot questions about the new season. We’ve broken down the […]

  • Lauren Tsai Added to Legion Season 3 Cast

    Yay! Some news about season 3 of Legion. Lauren Tsai has been named as part of the cast for Season 3. She will play the a young Mutant called Switch. Who is Switch? There was a mutant called Switch, appearing in a small number of comics in 1999. His powers are described as: “Neuralkinesis: He […]

  • Fallible Justice by Laura Laakso

    Released late in 2018, Fallible Justice by Laura Laakso has already picked up a lot of positive reviews. Which is no surprise, as it’s a novel that any fan of urban fantasy would enjoy and recommend. Being a science fiction blog, we rarely talk about fantasy novels on Stranger Views, but we’re happy to make […]

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    Final Space Season 2 News

    Everything you need to know about the second season of one of the breakout shows of 2018. What is Final Space? Final Space was the cult hit of 2019. An animated TV show that told one story over the entire eason, rather than having the standard episodic format of most animated TV shows. It followed […]

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