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  • Demolished Man Quotes

    The Demolished Man was was the first Hugo Award Winner and, while it hasn’t aged perfectly, it’s still worth a read. The primary themes of the novel are the role of Nietzsche’s Uberman in society and the truth that lies behind the mask of humanity. With that in mind, we picked the quotes from the […]

  • What will Happen to Gamora in Infinity War 2

    It should go without saying but, just in case, spoilers for Infinity War below. The dead, alive and the in-between Before we talk about Gamora, it’s important to have a quick recap of where everyone stands at the end of Infinity War. The still alive This group includes the ‘original’ Avengers like Iron Man, Captain […]

  • Everything you need to know about Hiro Protagonist

    Hiro Protagonist is the leading man of insane cyberpunk classic Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson. If you’re on this page, it’s safe to assume you’ve read Snow Crash, and you’d like to learn a little bit more about the character. He has the coolest name in literature Only Neal Stephenson would have the chutzpah to […]

  • American Gods Season 2 Starts Filming

    After a long delay, filming on season 2 of American Gods has begun. As big fans of the show, it’s fair to say we’re pretty excited. Especially as it looked like the show might have been lost in limbo. Why the delay? The show has been delayed in part because it lost not one but […]

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