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  • Our Favourite Pickle Rick Episode Quotes

    Pickle Rick is perhaps the most Rick and Morty episode of all Rick and Morty Episodes, if you get my meaning. It’s funny. It’s completely mental. It has great action scenes that are self-consciously derivative. Yet it’s also a touching story of a family that can’t, or won’t, communicate with each other. For these reasons, […]

  • Five Reasons Paul Is Underrated

    Paul is the Pegg and Frost movie that’s most often forgotten. It’s not part of the Cornetto Trilogy and it never achieved cult status. It’s just not had the permanence of their other works, being viewed as just a solid three star film at best. Yet, after watching this movie again, we feel it’s time […]

  • Ubik By Philip K Dick

    Few novels pull at the strings of reality so elegantly as Ubik. It’s 1992 and the world is full of people with special abilities such as telepaths, precogs and others with powers. ‘Defending’ the ordinary person from these people are prudence organisations, run by people like Glen Runciter and Joe Chip. The novel follows Joe […]

  • The Fall of Fame

    Falls are a commonly used trope to provide a dramatic and cinematic ending. Something every Disney fan knows.  I’ve been sent this infographic from a company called Roof Stores that details the most iconic falls in movie history. Starting, of course, with Gandalf’s fall following his battle with the Balrog in the Mines of Moria. […]

  • A Forgotten Legacy by Larry Allen

    A Forgotten Legacy, by Larry Allen, is a hard science fiction novel with a touching, human, centre. Summary The spaceship Endeavour is marooned above a distant planet, a disaster reducing the crew to one lonely linguist. A billionaire is using his immense power and wealth to find the one thing that has eluded him for […]

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