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  • Fantasy novels that would make great Netflix Originals

    Although Stranger Views is primarily a science fiction blog, we also love a bit of fantasy. Particularly urban fantasy. So we decided to share some great works of urban fantasy that we think would make great Netflix Original shows. Let us know if we have missed any. The Shadow Police series The Shadow Police follows a […]

  • Alien Invasion Science Fiction Guide

    What is the definition of  Alien Invasion Science Fiction?Alien invasion science fiction quite simply involves aliens invading! Often it’s the earth that’s been invaded, but it doesn’t have to be. This is a great genre to read if you want to see humanity up against impossible odds as humanity is often outmatched by the alien […]

  • The Definition of Near Future Science Fiction

    Near-Future Science Fiction

    What’s the definition of Near-Future Science Fiction? Near-future science fiction takes place in a time not too far from our own. The plots often take place in settings the modern reader will find familiar, but with a significant science fiction twist. Two Near-Future Science Fiction Novels to Read First Ready Player One, Ernest Cline The novel […]

  • Humorous Science Fiction

      What’s the definition of Humorous Science Fiction? Humorous Science Fiction has to be funny and it has to be science fiction, that’s pretty much the entire definition. We could add something like: humorous science fiction uses comedy to explore science fiction themes and concepts. But it would be superfluous. Best Humorous Science Fiction Books […]

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