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    Top Three Low-Budget Science Fiction Movies on Netflix UK

    Low-budget science fiction has a charm all of its own. Now that we’re well into the age of Marvel and the summer blockbuster it’s more important than ever to celebrate science fiction that focusses on ideas, character and plot over special effects. It’s not that big budget science fiction is bad, it’s just that science […]

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    ringworld review

    Ringworld Review, Themes & Analysis

    In this week’s look at a classic science fiction novel we are critiquing Ringworld, by Larry Niven. This is one of many classic science fiction reviews on the site. Ringworld – a synopsis Ringworld’s central plot sees the permanently bored 200-year-old Louis Wu, the genetically lucky Teela Brown, and two very different aliens travel to […]

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    Are the New Gods Bad For Us?

    A strange thought occurred to me when watching Git Gone. A thought that has perhaps uncovered a theme of American Gods that didn’t occur to me when reading the novel it’s based on. There is the chance that this theme was obvious to everyone else but me, of course. If the Reddit American Gods thread […]

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