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  • Movie Nightmares infographic

    Some films give you a quick scare, others keep you awake with fear for weeks. Some people at Mattress Online have come up with an infographic that goes through some of the scariest movies in cinema history. I’d have added Candyman to the list, scarest the crap out of me as a kid. Movie Nightmares […]

  • supernova film review poster

    Netflix Match Must Die

    I try to keep things upbeat on Stranger Views. Apart from the occasional rant about how bad Doctor Who has got under Steven Moffat, I generally only write about books and shows I actually like. But something happened last night that I just have to vent about. I settled down to watch a film on […]

  • What to make of the new Stranger Things teasers

    Netflix recently released a new poster for Season 2 of Stranger Things alongside a teaser clip, a season description and a new premiere date (October 27th). Obviously, the poster and the clip below don’t really give us enough to go on when it comes to speculating on where the show is going to be heading. […]

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