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  • The Camille by Colby R Rice

    The Camille is an engaging cyberpunk novella from Colby R Rice that sets the scene for an incoming series. It’s set in a future where nanotechnology and artificial intelligence has run rampant. Technology ‘on the bleeding edge’ has created a world where robots are indistinguishable from people and nanites can make and remake whatever they […]

  • Cool Air Movie Review

    On Bryan Moore’s 1999 short adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s “Cool Air”, produced through Arkham Cinema and scheduled for home release sometime before the end of this year. If you are familiar with the original H. P. Lovecraft short story “Cool Air”, you know this is not one of the most terrifying tales he’s ever written. […]

  • The Scarecrow – Short Film

    It’s hard to write about a short film that’s only three minutes long without spoiling it. But trust me when I say, this was one of the most intense film experiences I’ve had. After about a minute, this horror short film will have your heart racing. It’s expertly made and watching it will freak you […]

  • A Crimson Man

    Occasionally we come across a short film we just have to share. And this is one of those times. A Crimson Man is a steampunk short film, that tells the tale of a young slave trying to reunite with his father in a war torn land. On his journey he meets a battle robot. Predictably, […]

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